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 Haunted by the nightmares of his past and abuse from his intolerant father, August Greene turns to hard drugs and risky sexual enconters to cope. After seventeen years, he returns from New York to his hometown of Savannah, GA. What’s waiting for him will make him wish that he never stopped running. 
Time may pass, not all wounds heal.
     Recently divorced after his wife discovers his suppressed homosexuality, GBI forensic pathologist, Devon Shelton, tries to navigate his new reality and the strained relationship with his son. The discovery of skeletal remains in a cold case puts him on a collision course with his childhood best friend—A collison that he never saw coming.






     TJ Graham expertly ratchets up the suspense and the romance as the endgame approaches in this deadly chess match between a doctor and a killer.

Book Review Concierge 


     Life After Death is a definite page-turner!

Sultana Sams-Author "Sex And The Single Mom."

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