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Haunted by the nightmares of his past and abuse from his intolerant father, August Greene turns to hard drugs and risky sexual enconters to cope. After seventeen years he returns from New York to his hometown of Savannah, GA. The past waiting for him will make him wish that he had never stopped running.


Recently divorced after his wife discovers he has been hiding his homosexuality, GBI forensic pathologist, Devon Shelton, tries to navigate his new reality and the strained relationship with his son. The discovery of skeletal remains in a cold case puts him on a collision course with his childhood best friend--A collison that he never saw coming.


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ISBN: Paperback 978-1-939665-53-9

ISBN: Ebook 978-1-939665-54-6


Devastated by the death of her husband of fifteen years, Mackenzie Hill manages to pull herself up from the depths of despair, dust off her journalism degree, and soldier ahead to raise their three children alone. Three years later, with the achievement of a major journalism award, her well-adjusted children happy, Mackenzie seems to have gotten her life back on track. Inside, she represses the pangs of loneliness and longing for her husband that gnaw at her heart.


At the urging of her best friend, Joel Sanders, Mackenzie makes a failed attempt to explore dating. She gives in to the flirting of Keith Wilson, an Atlanta sex crimes detective, who himself seeks relief from the cruel reality of life and death intersections that he must battle daily. 


Enter Dr. Andre Lang. Following the brutal unsolved murder of his wife and daughter, he moves to Atlanta hoping to lose himself in a new city and his work, while still struggling to conquer the memories that continue to haunt him. Through chance events, Andre and Mackenzie meet, falling head-over-heels for one another. The two of them embark on what has the potential to be the loving, fulfilling relationship that they both need, unaware that in the shadows of their bliss lurks a killer who has followed Andre to Atlanta.

A killer intent on rekindling the bloody act of vengeance that had shattered Andre's world three years earlier.

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